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Besnard Lake

- Big fish live here -

Besnard Lake

- The lake of many islands -

Besnard is a large lake, with more than 250 islands and countless bays, there is an incredible amount of structure, an excellent forage base and healthy populations of walleye and northern pike. The fish grow big and can be found in numbers. Anglers who have tried these waters keep coming back because the fishing is just so, so good.

Explore Besnard Lake in our Boats

When you stay with us your cabin includes the use of one of our 16' Lund boats with a 25HP motor. All the boats come with life jackets, landing nets and a spare gas tank. Perfect for up to three anglers or two anglers and a guide. 

At the end of the day we will refill the gas and take care of the details. You just worry about sharing your pictures and stories as the day winds down.

Our Guides will put you on the Fish

Our local guides are some of the best in the business. With decades of experience navigating these waters they will keep you off the reefs and rocks and on the fish. Our guides work hard to follow the bite, especially when the conditions can change rapidly. They know where to go to keep you comfortable and catching fish. 

The lake itself can be very tricky to navigate. With shallow reefs and submerged rocks in unlikely places most guests wouldn't dream of heading out without a guide. The guides not only know where the fish are, they know how to get there without compromising your safety.

Target Lake Trout on Hollowell Lake

Head up to the northern most point of Besnard lake, and, after a couple portages you will be able to target unpressured populations of lake trout. With limited access and restricted angling on the lake you will be in for a treat. 

We have exclusive rights to fish Hollowell a limited number of days each year. If this sounds like an adventure you want to take advantage of us, contact us directly to book your day.

Let us prepare your lunch

When you take a guide with you can also get treated to a shore lunch. Our guests look forward to the lunch almost as much as the fishing. There is nothing quite like dining on the most delicious, boneless pike and walleye fillets with the best backdrop nature can offer. The cold waters of Besnard Lake mean, good, clean, delicious fish, every day!

Fish filleting and packaging

At the end of the day we take care of your catch. We will de-bone and clean all your fish. If you want to fry up some fish for supper we will deliver them to your cabin. We will package and freeze the rest so that they are ready to be transported back to your home.

A good day's fishing needs a good night's rest

Relax in the evening, share the stories of the day, take in your surroundings and dream of the fishing tomorrow.

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